Speed Training with Craig

Craig will be taking a speed training day at the City of Salisbury Athletics Club on 13 September.

Speed Training

Speed Training

If you would like to arrange your own speed training day with Craig, leave a comment below with an email and we will get back to you to discuss. Speed training can be arranged for athletics, team sports (rugby, football, basketball etc) or for individuals.

Sessions can include learning speed drills, maximum speed techniques, acceleration and motor skill development.

Craig is happy to share his experiences as an elite athlete in both athletics and bobsleigh and the sessions can include photographs and autographs.

Depending on numbers and cost, Craig will also take video and provide individual analysis.

Ongoing support

For those who wish for Craig to develop individual training programmes for them, this can be arranged for a modest fee.

5 thoughts on “Speed Training with Craig”

  1. Craig was kind enough to come to Salisbury and spend the day working with my sprinters. Craig not only has the technical knowledge that comes from his Sport Science degree and his wealth of experience, he has something else that is difficult to replicate. He has been there and he can translate his knowledge to the athletes.
    When he speaks, the athletes listen intently. They know that he is an Olympian and what his success has been and they respect him for it.
    As a coach, I also learned a great deal. Craig really knows his stuff and we will take the learning he passed on and integrate that into our training plans.
    It is impossible to make a huge difference in just one day and Craig has clearly recognised that. So instead of trying to cram the changes in, he passed on knowledge and learning to them, so that the athletes could understand what they needed to do, which will have a far greater long term impact.
    In all, the day was incredible value for money. I have done a few similar sessions with my team, with other elite athletes, but this was by far the best and the most significant. I would highly recommend it for any sports team where speed is important.

  2. Wes and I greatly enjoyed meeting you and being part of your day in Salisbury. I found your session on increasing leg speed particularly useful and will definitely try this and other points you shared with us out with my sprinters.
    I hope your Master Classes go from strength to strength and wish you a successful future.

  3. My daughter Carmen is very new to specific sprint training and this was a fantastic introduction to the basics for her. It’s also a real boon for parents to be able to take this great opportunity to have an athlete who’s actually been part of an Olympic experience coach your child and tell them what is really required to make it to the top. Brilliant value for money too. Great idea, thanks very much to both Craig and the club for hosting him.

  4. As a parent of one of the athletes that attended, i can honestly say that it doesn’t get more inspirational than this to have a British Olympian training you! My daughter has come away with some brilliant techniques on improving her sprinting which she is already excited about. Craig is a fantastic role model and as well as putting the Salisbury team through their paces spoke about what it takes to get to the top and spoke passionately about the need to understand your sport. Many thanks to Craig and also the team at Salisbury Athletics for this wonderful opportunity.

  5. A very inspirational session, I learnt a lot of new techniques and looking forward to putting them into practice which will hopefully bring me on with my training.
    Thank you for a great session

    I would also like to extend my thanks to Craig, Josh was very positive when returning and talked a lot about new techniques, it was good to see him so excited to learn, athletics is his passion and I know he brought a lot away from the session
    Lisa Davies

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