Cool And Interesting Stuff This Week (10/10)

High Fat Diet For Runners – This article from Outside magazine (and written by a really good endurance scientist) looks at the changing role of fat within training. Whilst it is primarily aimed at endurance athletes, most individuals not taking part in regular high intensity exercise could do with a higher fat and concurrent lower carbohydrate intake. The scientific consensus on fat has slowly been changing, and over the last year or so this has really come into the public eye.

Play of The Day – This is just a cool video, that shows what is possible with plenty of practice. Reminds me of this from the All-Blacks – although this is funnier.

The Brain – Following on from the book I have been reading (The Future of The Mind), I found this article on the brain and elite athletes. Its an interesting read. I personally think that the brain is the next frontier to crack when it comes to improving athletic performance.

Roundup! – @bingisser post this roundup of his favorite online training content published in September. Well worth a read.


Stuff I’ve Been Doing

Sportivate Visit – Last week I visited a session with disability athletes in Exeter. You can read about it here.

New Book – I finally managed to finish my previous tome, so now I have made a start on “Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery” by Henry Marsh. It’s a fascinating autobiography from a brain surgeon, discussing operations he has done, and various risks that exist. I’m really enjoying it.

New Workshop – Finally, I am running a workshop at Crossfit Exe on Saturday 1st November. If you’re in the area and want to attend, tickets can be bought here.

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