Cool And Interesting Stuff This Week (31/10)

Its Halloween, so in preparation for pretending I’m not in when the trick-or-treaters come, here is some possibly cool but certainly interesting stuff I have come across this week:

FOOD! – The Harvard Business Review this week discussed how what we eat can affect our productivity. A really interesting read, especially for those mixing training and full/part-time employment.

BACK INJURIES! – Obviously given my history, I tend to pay quite a bit of attention to the science surrounding back injuries. This article on back injuries in children is really interesting. Why are so many young athletes getting spinal issues? Is there something about our lifestyles that are contributing to this (i.e. sitting and poor movement skills?

GENES! – BBC Horizon ran an interesting article on how you genes can/should affect your diet. The nest big step in personal health?

ELITE SPORT PERFORMANCEDo you really understand elite sport performance?

BIOHACKING – Interesting article in Outside magazine about biohacking your way to a better life.

CAFFEINATED Caffeinated: How Our Daily Habit Hooks, Helps and Hurts Us – this book on caffeine in daily life is excellent, particularly in the face of an increasing market in sports drinks containing caffeine, which appear to be less safe than first thought. Really enjoyed reading it.

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