Mistakes: Why do they happen?

You can find today’s blog post, entitled “Mistakes: Why do they happen?’ here. In it, I look at a high profile mistake that I carried out, and then look at what caused this. I then ask what can we do to ensure mistakes don’t happen in future.

I have been asked to write for Freelap USA, and so from time to time (or maybe even more regularly!) my Monday blogs will be on there. I will always direct you to the right link, so you will never have to miss any of my incredible wisdom (sarcasm).

I hope you enjoy!

One thought on “Mistakes: Why do they happen?”

  1. Craig, all credit to you for writing this and taking the blame for China all by yourself however, I think your relay coach must bear some of the responsibility. I have to be honest, I was aghast you were put on the final leg instead of the first leg. You were the fastest, you were incredibly pumped up and took off as though you were on the first leg which is what you were used to doing in a 100m race. I hope you weren’t subjected to a lot of criticism and vitriol afterwards!
    Please bear in mind this is just my opinion though.

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