Cool and Interesting Stuff This Week (7/11)

So, another week is almost over. Here we are again, reviewing stuff that falls within my definition of cool and interesting for this week:

PROFESSIONALISM – It is better than being an amateur? I really enjoyed this article by Phoebe Wright.

CHOKING – Sometimes you go to a major competition and absolutely bottle it. I can think of a few sprinters that I had to race against in my time who were quicker than me, but I knew that in a major championship race I could always beat them. This article on choking is an interesting read.

FREE – By now I’m sure you’re all aware of how much I like free stuff! And the Sports Medicine Journal has released a FREE supplement on sports nutrition. Now you can make a more informed decision regarding your supplementation.

FAILURE! – Hot on the heels of my article on mistake making, I came across this article on failure, and how it can be an important tool. Remember, if you fail you need to learn from it!

A TON OF LINKS – Please, go here and view the masses of information on coaching released in September, and read until you can’t read anymore.

VEGETARIANISMMight it lower fertility in men?


And now I get to talk about myself and what I’ve been up to:

CROSSFIT – last weekend saw the first of my speed seminars for Crossfit, at Crossfit Exe. It was really enjoyable, and plenty of really good questions were asked (and hopefully answered well enough). I have three more coming up at Crossfit North Devon, Crossfit Evolving, and Crossfit Plymouth to look forward too.

SPORTING CHAMPIONS – Last week I paid a visit as part of my role as a Sporting Champion to a Sportivate project in Devon. You can read about it here.

BOOK – I am reading Psy-Q: You know your IQ – now test your psychological intelligence by Ben Ambridge. It takes a look at popular myths and expertiments within psychology, and gives you loads of little quizzes to do to see how your mind works. Also really concisely explains statistical tests such at the T-test, correlation co-efficients, and the like, which is helpful!


That’s it for this week. I’m off to River Cottage tonight to celebrate my two-year anniversary with @big_suze, then next week we are off to Egypt, balancing civil unrest with sun and all-you-can-eat food. No blogs next week, I’ll be having far too much of a good time!

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