Cool and Interesting Things This Week (28/11)

POWER – Gareth Sandford (@Gareth_Sandford) is well worth following on twitter for the information he curates. He tweeted this earlier on, regarding training principles for power. It’s certainly an interesting read.

BLACK FRIDAY – For some reason, Black Friday is now a thing over here in the UK. It’s already caused the police to be called to numerous shops overwhelmed by the demand. This article by Troy Campbell discusses how irrational it all is.

ENDURANCE – In my day job at the moment, I am currently learning about genes related to endurance exercise. This article discusses how nutrition can affect adaptation to endurance exercise.

MYTHS – Outside magazine published a list of Top-10 fitness myths. Worth checking out to make sure you’re not falling foul!

YOUTH SPORT – The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article recently on how to prevent injury in youth athletes, mostly through delayed specialisation.

OVEREATING – With Christmas round the corner (And Thanksgiving just happened for my US friends) this interesting article by Nancy Clarke discusses what happens when we overeat.

BOOK – I’m still plugging away with the The Lazarus Effect: The Science That is Rewriting the Boundaries Between Life and Death. It’s an interesting book split into parts. The first deals with resuscitation science, what happens when our heart stops, and how doctors can restart it. This can be problematic for a variety of reasons, not least that cell death starts to happen quite soon after our hearts stop, and so doctors have to be careful about how they resuscitate individuals. The second part is part philosophy, part science. It talks about what happens to our consciousness when our brains are no longer working/active, and also Near Death Experiences.  It’s certainly very interesting, although I am not totally convinced by the authors arguments regarding NDEs.

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