Cool and Interesting Stuff – 19/12

Hello, and apologies for not running this blog last week. I was busy doing stuff.  I’m not so busy this week, so lets look at some cool and interesting stuff!

TESTOSTERONE – Those of you who saw my article in Athletics Weekly will know that the ACTN3 gene is linked to power performance. This paper also indicates that it is associated with testosterone levels – a potential mechanism for the ACTN3-power association.

NUTRITION – A good while ago, John Berardi posted this video on the future of nutrition. I’ve only just gotten round to watching it, and it is certainly interesting!

DNA – The New York Times ran this article on how exercise alters our DNA. As we further increase our understanding of DNA, personalised diet and nutrition plans will become much more common, leading to effective and efficient health improvements.

DEATH – Playing in the NFL is associated with a lower life span, potentially due to an increase in head trauma. This article from the Guardian (yes I am a leftie) provides a good overview and discussion about whether it’s worth it.

DRUGS – Plenty of controversy recently with the recent Russian drug leaks. This anonymous blog from a high-level athlete discusses drug use in sport. It’s not written by me. Another excellent opinion is voiced by my friend Andrew Steele – Should I be offended that nobody offered me drugs?

HAMSTRUNGFC Barcelona discuss their screening and rehabilitation process – note that they do some genetic screening for injury risk.

That’s it for me for this week, and indeed this year! Next week I’ll be having another week off, so the next time you hear from me will be the 2nd of January 2015! Have a good Christmas!

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