Cool And Interesting Stuff (2/1/15)

Happy New Year! I love the promise that a New Year brings, and all the fresh ideas every has. Last year I made quite a few goals for 2014, including attempting to read 52 books in the year, go surfing, get selected for the Olympics, and make more time for life experiences. Most of these actually went quite well. For 2015 I haven’t really got any specific goals – I’d like to do more surfing, and I am moving to an environment where this is more likely (although the risk of shark attack is significantly greater). I want to read more books, although potentially with a greater sporting/training bias. I’m trying different methods of training on myself (and a few clients) based on some knowledge I picked up in the last few months of the year, and will be monitoring those results closely.

Anyway, enough about me. On to the first roundup of the year:

SPRINT TRAINING – What is becoming increasingly more apparent from my reading is that there are multiple ways to skin a cat, in regards to adaptation from training. Some individuals respond better to endurance exercise than power based exercises, or vice versa. Given my sprinting back-ground, I am not someone that excels at endurance exercise/training. However, I am now trying to improve my VO2 max (it may not be the best measure, but it’s one of the easiest to approximate) through sprint/interval based training. This infographic describes a recent paper looking at this (yes, it’s a small sample size!).

TRAINING FREQUENCY – No time for regular training? This study illustrated that training 2x per day for 2-3 days per week elicited a greater adaptation to certain exercise measures than training 1x per day 5 days per week. Again, it’s a small sample size, and it only reports on some endurance parameters, but it’s certainly something to consider.

OVEREATING & EXERCISEThis study by a couple of my lecturers from the University of Bath looked at what happens when we over-eat. It appears that taking part in exercise whilst in a short-term phase of over-eating is much better than being inactive – although both groups got fatter, the exercise group did so to a lesser extent, and did so without “switching off” valuable processes in adipose tissue. Something to consider over Christmas next year?

GET IN SHAPE6 TED talks about how to become healthier in 2015.

RESOURCES – Jamie Taylor posted up his best coaching resources of 2014. Have a look!

ALCATRAZ – Something that has always fascinated me is the 1962 escape attempt from Alcatraz. As the escapees bodies were never found, it’s unknown whether or not they were successful. This article sheds a bit more light on the matter.

BOOKS – Stu McMillan posted his first blog for about 6 months, detailing the books he read in 2014. It’s a good read and you should check it out yourself.

What have I been upto?

BLOG POST – What I Learned Reading 52 Books This Year (Part One)

BOOK – Ive been reading No Hero: The Evolution of a Navy Seal
by Mark Owen, one of the US Navy SEALs who allegedly shot Bin Laden. This is his second book, so he doesn’t go into the OBL raid in detail. Instead, he looks at lessons he has learned over his combat years, and how they might be able to help non-military members. Some of the things he says are really interesting and useful to competing athletes, and he mentions things that I learned throughout my career (doing far less dangerous things), such as team work, focus, etc.

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