Cool and Interesting Stuff This Week (9/1)

THINGS LEARNED – Rugby Strength Coach posted up his list of 6 things he has learned this year. It’s always interesting to read about what people within the sports science / coaching field have been thinking about and doing, and this is a really good read.

BOOKS – The guardian science listed their best popular science books of 2014. Time to update my amazon wishlist.

FATIGUE – In prolonged exercise, fatigue is the main performance inhibitor. This article by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute examines the use of fatigue resistance training in football.

MEAL SIZE – Consuming more of you calories at dinner is a risk factor for obesity, according to this 6 year study. It’s not clear what the effects of exercise are, but I would imagine that if you are exercising regularly this risk is less. Food type and macronutrient composition would also be factors to take into further consideration.

CONCURRENT – Recently I have been experimenting with a new training programme, where I do my aerobic activities/anaerobic sprints at 7am, and then my strength work at 4pm. This is known as concurrent training, and there is some discussion about the best methods to go about improving both aerobic fitness and strength to the greatest amount simultaneously. This study looked at the question in a bit more detail, and found that six hours recovery is the minimum required between sessions.

LEARNING STYLES – Wired published “All you need to know about the learning styles myth in two minutes” earlier this week. It’s certainly interesting reading.


AW – Athletics Weekly published an article I wrote about genetics and sport online this week.

FREELAP – FreeLap also hosted my article on “The Genetics of High Performance Exercise“.

BOOK -I’m currently reading The Vagenda: A Zero Tolerance Guide to the Media. It’s an OK read, it’s obviously aimed at women but I’m working on not being sexist so I’m learning bits and pieces. It’s mostly about how the media shapes and distorts female perceptions in order to increase their profit and further their own agenda.

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