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Hi, I’m Craig, and I used to be an athlete. As a sprinter, I had a pretty decent level of success, including winning the European u-20 Gold over 100m, European u-23 Silver over 100m, European Indoor Silver over 60m, and a World Championship Bronze medal in the 4x100m relay. Over a seven-year span I went to four World Championships, one Olympic Games, and three European Championships. My best time for the 100m was 10.14 seconds.


Sadly, I suffered quite badly from back issues through my career, and in 2012 I underwent an endoscopic discectomy to remove some troublesome disc tissue. Thanks to this, I missed the 2012 Olympics, and then was dropped from athletics funding. So I re-invented myself, signed up for the Bobsleigh team, and in 2014 was selected for the Sochi Winter Olympics, becoming only the 8th British athlete to be selected for both the Summer and Winter Games. Keeping with my luck, I unfortunately injured my back again at the pre-Olympic training camp, and was forced to retire. I still tell people I’m a double Olympian; sometimes its good to be economic with the truth.


So here I am now. I have fingers in many pies, but I’d like to get them into even more! I provide health and wellness advice on nutrition and stress management to corporate companies. I provide speed education to professionals getting qualifications. I run speed workshops for all levels of athletes, where I provide individual feedback and video review. I coach speed to a variety of different sports. I’m trying to get better at writing. I go to schools and deliver talks. I am lead coach for a select few athletes. If you think I could help you, please get in touch.


I’m interested in an ever-expanding number of things and topics. From my sporting background, I am really interested in sports science; I have a BSc (Hons) in it from Bath University, and have tried to keep up with the research. I’m interested in nutrition, and also performance psychology. I really like helping people get the best out of themselves, whatever their backgrounds and goals. I also love training, and am always looking for new ways to push myself.


I read a lot. My 2014 goal is to read 52 books across a range of subjects. I want to be less dumb, and be more interesting. I’m starting to get into coffee, although I’m not a snob. I cook as much as I can, and I am trying to visit a wide range of different restaurants. I love traveling. I’ve recently started surfing and long boarding, and I’m getting into it. I’m always looking for new experiences. I’m currently based in Exeter, living with Suze, my girlfriend, who is a doctor.


So that’s me. Lets talk about the website. My ultimate aim is that this website will become a useful resource for people on a variety of topics. I aim to achieve this through my blog, discussing a variety of things, not limited to sport. I’ll be discussing books I’ve read and experiences I’ve had. It might not be interesting, but I want to give you an insight into who I am and what interests me.


If this sounds interesting to you, then check back for updates, or, better yet, sign up for email notifications. You can follow me on twitter at @craig100m (https://twitter.com/craig100m), and I promise if you tweet me I’ll reply. If you need to get in contact, please do so via the website.

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