I offer a wide range of services that cater for all age groups and abilities. Utilising my knowledge and experience gained over 10 years as an elite athlete, alongside my own continued development and research, I aim to provide solutions for all your training and performance needs. To ask any questions, or make an inquiry, please get in contact. You can view what others have thought of my services on my testimonial page.


Speed Coaching


I can deliver speed coaching sessions to individuals or teams to meet their needs. I have experience in coaching sprints in an athletics setting, as well as delivering speed sessions to team sports, including football, rugby, cricket, and American Football. I believe that improving an individuals speed will have a large carry-over into their sporting, either by ensuring they beat their opponents to the ball or evade a tackle, or by being more efficient in their running, and therefore less fatigued towards the end of a game.


I am able to cater for most needs, so please get in contact to discuss what you require. Sessions can be either a one-off, or on a more permanent or semi-permanent basis.


Online Coaching


I offer a range of services in this area, ranging from a monthly training programme, to a much more bespoke service with nutrition and performance advice, and in-person training. If your goal is reaching a high performance in your sport, or to just get fit, I believe I can help you.


Sprint Workshops


I have experience in delivery sprint workshops to a wide range of people. I have designed and delivered all-day sprint workshops to athletics clubs, utilising video review and my experience in this area to improve the performance of their athletes. In addition to this, I have provided workshops to S&C professionals, sports teams, and gyms across the country. If you are interested in finding out how to run quicker and improve your performance, please get in contact.




I have extensive experience in delivering fundamental movement skills and athletics as part of the curriculum in nurseries, primary and secondary schools. I am able to plan and deliver assemblies, question and answer sessions, as well as cross-curricular activities, including being a guest speaker as part of the curriculum for GCSE and A-Level PE. I am also available for sports team coaching, as well as prize giving ceremonies

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