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We are an U14’s football team and were looking for something extra for pre-season when I was introduced to Craig and what he can offer. With such a unique opportunity from a very top elite athlete, it was perfect for what we were looking for.
We had the mind-set of, if we can make 2 or 3 players quicker over ten yards then it would be worth it.
Craig gave the lads three sessions and over those sessions the lads really bought into what Craig was putting across as his presentation in teaching teenagers was brilliant.
I was very surprised how easy he made the differences in the two disciplines of football and athletics relate to each other.
The icing on the cake for me was when we played our next football match, something happened in the game and I overheard the lads talking in their de-brief at the end, and they were discussing their running style/technique to reach the ball first, which Craig had only taught them a few days before.
Craig is a genuinely nice guy and a great teacher with a wealth of elite knowledge behind him.
I would recommend Craig to any sports team/club that are looking for improvement in speed and agility. His attention to detail in body positions and movement is what makes him stand out as an elite coach.
Craig can work with individuals as well as large groups in a wide range of sports, and we are already planning a 10-week session plan with him for our pre- season training for next season.
Thanks for all your help Craig and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Simon Partridge

West Exe Youth Football Club


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 In the 4 months I’ve been working with Craig I have increased my strength, power and speed significantly. All of Craig’s programmes are clear, conscience and progressive, ensuring I don’t just develop the attributes I need for my sport but also understand why I am doing the exercises prescribed.

 Working with Craig has been brilliant and he is always there to help out with any questions I have when I’m not sure as to what I am doing.
 In all he’s a great coach and I would recommend him highly.


James Sutton, Aspiring Bobsleigh Athlete




On Thursday 12th June, Craig ran three sessions for our main school pupils in the time that he was with us.

Session 1 was with our Year 7 students doing javelin. Craig covered the technical aspects of the throw, right from how to grip the javelin effectively to the angle of release. He used specific javelin balls to start this process off and it was noticeable how each of the pupils improved as they took on board the information and coaching that they were given in what is arguably one of the harder disciplines in athletics.

Session 2 was with our Year 8 students doing high jump. Again, due to the age and relative experience of the group, Craig covered the technical points of the run up, take off and Fosbury flop landing. He gave both collective and individual feedback to each of our 14 pupils taking part in the session and they each responded to his methods. 

The final session of the morning was with our Year 4 students working on the basics of relay running. In this session, Craig spent time developing our pupils’ changeovers with the baton in hand. This was the youngest group that Craig coached on the day but again, all of the pupils stated afterwards how much a) they had enjoyed the session with him and b) how they felt it had helped their understanding of relays, especially in relation to the changeovers.”

Mark Usher, Head of Sport, Beachborough School, Northamptonshire




In March 2014 Craig came to visit English College, Dubai, to speak with the children in Years 5 and 6. Prior to Craig’s arrival we had watched a documentary about the progress of Craig as a young, up and coming sprinter and had watched a documentary about the preparation of the British bobsleigh team in their lead up to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. This was used to give the children an insight into the lifestyle of an athlete and to help guide their interest so that they could come up with questions to ask Craig.

The visit was split into to Q and A sessions, firstly with Year 5 and then with Year 6. Craig was extremely open in his answers and was able to talk about his recent injury in great depth, which was a particularly sensitive issue, as it not only ended his Winter Olympic dream, but also his career. He answered questions in a very clear and coherent manner, and was able to pitch his answers extremely well to allow the children to further their understanding of life as an athlete, issues regarding training, diet, injury, how he become involved in sport and where he saw himself in the future.

I was extremely impressed with Craig in his visit and it was clear to see that it stimulated the children’s interest judged by the questions they asked not only during the visit, but in subsequent lessons.

David Maris, Primary Teacher, English College, Dubai




Craig has been working with children from years 3 and 4 at our school, during the summer term 2014, delivering very high quality athletics coaching sessions.

Craig has shown a real aptitude for working with the children. He has been able to demonstrate a range of skills to the groups across a number of athletics disciplines and there has been a noticeable impact in both skill level and attitude among the children. To illustrate, Craig was able to teach the correct technique for long jump to the pupils in year three and four and at our school sports day two weeks ago it was noticed that there was a considerable difference in skill levels between the children who had received coaching from Craig and their older peers who have not been able to have the same experience.

Teaching staff have also benefited from being able to observe Craig and many now feel much more confident in being able to help develop the demonstrated techniques to future pupils.

Craig’s patient, calm but assured manner with the children ensures that they are able to get the most from each session in a structured lesson that encourages all abilities to try and improve their various techniques. The children have really enjoyed their lessons with Craig and have all benefited from the high quality coaching and friendly but firm approach he employs.

I have no hesitation in recommending Craig as someone who is conscientious, highly skilled and enthusiastic in his work. It has been a real pleasure to have been able to have him working with our children and I am only sorry that we cannot use his skills in the future due to his move away from the area.”

Ian Fergus, Headteacher, Caroline Haslett Primary School




During Craig’s time at Glastonbury Thorn School he coached a group of children aged between 4 and 7 years old, including pupils with Special Educational Needs, medical conditions and also children with English as an additional language. Craig encouraged pupils to contribute fully and set high expectations for all.

The Athletics club organised by Craig was very popular with the pupils, who thoroughly enjoyed the range of run games, as well as learning how to improve their running, throwing and jumping skills. The children were physically active throughout the sessions, learning about the health benefits of sport and an active lifestyle.

Craig visited our school before commencing his role to discuss the needs of our children and to look at the school’s facilities and equipment. Craig was reliable and always demonstrated good time keeping.

Craig kindly delivered a whole school assembly about his sporting achievements, training and his success as a young athlete. The children were fascinated by his story, asking lots of questions as well as enjoying seeing his World Championship and European medals. We are very proud that Craig has been able to coach and inspire our children.

With Craig’s sporting credentials and professionalism I am certain he will be an asset to any school, and deliver high quality coaching for all.

Jennifer Armstrong, PE Subject Leader, Glastonbury Thorn School

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